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“Be Wise, Peter Obi & Labour Party Are Not Trustworthy” Ex-Presidential Aspirant Warns

Peter Obi

The leader of Rescue Nigeria Movement, Mr Oluwadare Faduri, who forcefully stepped down for Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, during the party’s primary election in May 2022 has revealed to Nigerians the reasons they shouldn’t vote the party and its candidate in the coming general elections.




Faduri said this while addressing news men in Abuja yesterday 13th October 2022. In his word, he claimed that a leader who can not be fair with one man can never be fair to over 200 Million Nigerians.


According to him, “I struggled to get to this point in my political career. I got into a presidential race in Nigeria to fight for the common people of my country, the forgotten youths of Nigeria, to rescue a Nation that has everything but lack everything.



“A Nation where its Political leaders are liars, untrustworthy, the leaders who only cares about themselves and never put the country first.


“A Nation where insecurity ravaged from the North with Boko Haram down

to South with Unknown gunmen to incessant kidnapping, Epileptic Electricity, dieing currency.



“A Nation where its Youths and workforce sees Hope in running to other Nations of the World but not their own Nation. A Nation where its citizens are no longer patriotic because of the lavishing and uncaring nature of its leaders whom doesn’t have sympathy for human life and dignity.



“All these brought me to sit down and asked God to use me to lead a team that can rescue our dear Nation so as to excuse some of these old generation leaders. Many of them who have been in the corridors of power for decades with nothing tangible to show for it except the overblown and over propagated achievements they carved for themselves and the ones they used the media to project to the World.



“I came into political atmosphere and charged it up doing the impossible by so many people to see how we can rescue a Nation that is nearing the verge of extinction.

A Nation that moved from oil boom to oil doom.

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“A Nation that moved from surplus to famine, from love to hatred, a Nation that was once peaceful but now volatile, violent and dangerous. A Nation that was once safe to the one that we can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed. A Nation that was once the giant of Africa to a Nation crawling to find its feet again.



“I brought together the best of Nigeria. I brought both the good, the bad and ugly of Nigeria together because everyone has a role to play for a new Nigeria. We woke up the sleeping giant Labour party as we continue the campaign and whilst all hope was certain of picking the presidential ticket of Labour Party, the disgruntled, selfish, greedy and self centered party leaders chose to sell the soul of the party 4 days to primary to Mr Peter Obi which angered some aspirants that left the party then but I remained resolute because i had thought the party was my baby. and tye rific happened on the day of Primary as i was forced to step down for their kangaroo candidate.



“They broke every law of selecting leader, they broke the law of process and jettison lives and aspiration of many Nigerians who had been following me. The 8.3 Millions and counting who were on daily basis joining our campaign before May 30th 2022 in Asaba when they stole the ticket away from me.



“I fought my followers in Asaba but after a deep and dangerous tension and for security reasons, we decided to drop the fight and for the sake of the love of our Nation to let peace reign since I am not a desperate young man like many of our politicians are today.



“After the disappointing incident that the party negotiated unbehalf of Mr Peter Obi, to offset all bills and expenses as agreed by Labiur Party Chairman, Barr. ABURE and his officials, I was looking forward to seeing a hand thrown out by Mr Peter Obi to bring closure to the pains in my heart and in the midst of my followers, to incorporate my team and self to the Party proper so we can together fight to win but up till now the reverse has been the case. Marginalization has been the slogan of Mr Peter Obi and his Campaign heads.

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“The party and mostly Mr. Peter Obi as to the contrary alienated and purposely sidelined myself and my team from the party that was our baby. A Party that was long sleeping which I woke up along with my team and made a third force long before Peter Obi came in to hijack it.


“Immediately after the primary, I sat down to ruminate politics in Nigeria and how dirty it looked in the last few hours and how greed. Selfishness takes the fore front of parties and leaders in our Nation but I calmed my team down to let us bury the hatchet, take the loss and see how we can work with Obi to form a New Nigeria.



“I wanted to give him the opportunity to proof himself as a leader who can unite not just the party but aggrieved aspirant like me who was forced to step down for him. I needed closure, especially with all my followers, friends around the World who believed so much in me but saw without understanding the war of how I stepped down. Rather than Obi to provide leadership, Proof to be a fair, sincere and trustable leaders, all he has done in the last 5months is the opposite. I struggled with myself if I will keep quiet with this injustice and also don’t let Nigerian people who are believing so much in his candidacy not to see the truth about the man they are about to vote for.



“We all crucify the other candidates and thinks Mr.Peter Obi will bring a new Nigeria but as a Presidential Aspirant and member of the Labour Party, which i am still in and not out do not see that quality and all I am doing right now is to bring it open to the public since Mr President to be can not handle it behind the close doors.



“Let me correct one thing. I tried all means humanly possible as a young man with my little self to see how to solve these issues without escalating to this point. So many good people, good friends even my Igbo brothers Intervened. So many renowned political leaders in Nigeria stepped in to see if they can bring Peter to see the need to work things.

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“Out with me and my team. Infact I came to USA to help start the Campaign and movement for Election of Peter Obi as Next President of Nigeria but to my surprise with the cunning and deceptive nature of Mr. Peter Obi. He came to USA and Canada bypassed and ignored the good works the good people and the organisation has been doing and override all what good people of Nigeria have been rooting for him, a big disappointment I do not expect in a leader I will trust.


“At this Juncture, I will like to let you know the case with Labour Party is in Court as we speak and I will fight not just for myself but fighting for fairness. Trustworthiness and Sincerity in leadership. I do not believe in fighting a race card so this is not a fight because of ethnicity or religion but to fight for the right thing and show the World the other side of the candidate that supposed to be a leader but hasn’t shown one.



“A Nation like Nigeria Needs a sincere, fair, just, compassionate, mature leadership at this stage in our country which does not necessarily means it will come by age or ethnicity.



I will continue to be a watchdog to checkmate my party and its candidate and take issues with them where necessary and any other person or govt in Nigeria until we see the right thing for our Nigerian people,

Nigerians have suffered enough. If we can’t get it right this time around we can’t get it right for a long time again.



“I will continue to prosecute this matter both in court and public opinion to shape the campaign of Mr. Peter Obi and hope to see a reverse change for good in him”, he said.

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