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Beyond Tech, Khalil Halilu is Changing the African Entrepreneurial Narrative

Khalil Halilu

From improving connectivity, seamless financial transactions, borderless trade transactions, and access to public services, technology has been ingrained into society’s core and is gradually reshaping how we go about our daily activities. The aim of technology in itself is problem-solving and several bright minds continue to create platforms that help people solve problems.


One of the pioneers of this new method of solving modern-day problems is no other than Khalil Halilu, Nigeria’s tech expert and a well-versed entrepreneur. Khalil has proven to be someone who, over the years, is concerned about proffering solutions to society’s everyday questions and utilizing them to improve the lifestyle of Africans in today’s world.

Khalil Halilu

In his words, “To go the unconventional way in solving problems, you need technology to bridge the gaps”. Having been recognized as a thought leader in the tech industry, Khalil Halilu is beyond being the Techpreneuer. He is the man inspiring the new generation of dreamers and young achievers. Walking his talk, Khalil started the Center for Civic, Welfare and Community Development (CWCD Africa) in 2018.


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The CWCD Africa is a non-governmental organization focused on contributing tangibly to societal areas like Health, Education, Environment and Climate Change. Other areas like Sustainability, Inclusive Development, Welfare for Refugees, Migrants and The Displaced within the continent have also been visited. So far, some of Khalil’s solutions have contributed massively to a number of sectors in Nigeria.

Khalil’s courage and determination continue to blaze the tracks and instigate a turnaround for innovators and entrepreneurs, causing many to think outside the box of confinement of the Nigerian factor. Sectors like the Agricultural sector, logistics, consulting, and many more have felt his positive impact. Beyond those also, the Nigerian electoral process is another area where Khalil is using technology to provide solutions and foster new ways to tackle issues.


One of them is the invention of OyaOya – the marketplace platform for vendors to present their products, customers to select a product, commodity transporters and an escrow payment system for secure transactions, and both traders and buyers can testify to the ease and security the platform brings.


When asked about the platform, Khalil stated, “We are also mindful that today’s urban dweller is a very busy person. He or she does not have the time to go out for cooking gas or shop around for groceries. Customers just want access to the best items at the best prices, delivered to them with ease. This is where OyaOya comes in.”


With an ever-present passion for providing solutions, Khalil set out to further influence the logistics and even the electoral process. Under Khalil, the CWCD launched another invention – the Zabe app, which was pivotal during the Nigerian General Elections in 2019 as a civic tool that sought to deepen democratic participation and electoral transparency.

Khalil has encouraged more visionaries to look beyond just the profitability of Tech and create solutions that will bring ease for Africans. Of course, Technology is a wonderful means but Tech experts should remember to develop innovations that will help society and inspire the coming generations.

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Realizing how important raising a generation of unconventional thinkers is to the future of any society in present times, not just in business, but all-round improvement, Khalil set up a project called is a hub committed to building Africa’s next generation of Elon Musks, Jeff Bezos, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealas, Steve Jobs, and so on. At, young people are nurtured and empowered to become thought leaders in their chosen fields.


For Khalil, the plan is to leverage technology to create sustainable solutions for Africa, but beyond that, inspire the next generation of mavericks that will see Africa grow to meet the ranks continentally.


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