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Black Friday and Jumia’s Exciting Deals For Customers




When Philadelphia law enforcement officers used the term Black Friday to describe the chaos that ensued after suburban shoppers and tourists flooded the city on the day after Thanksgiving in the 1950s, little did they know that it will become a global phenomenon that will transcend decades.

Such is the grip and prominence that several attempts to rename it Large Friday failed to stick. Black Friday has since evolved to become the biggest shopping event of the year during which retailers delight their customers with some of the best mouth-watering discounts on products and sellers smile to the bank with sales proceeds.

There’s hardly any period that gets customers in a buying mood than the popular Black Friday sales. To get a fair share of the sales, brands and sellers also make enticing offers to customers. Digital technology and ecommerce have further helped the course of Black Friday Sales. In the world’s biggest markets such as the USA and China, online shopping makes up a substantial portion of Black Friday shopping, as brands partner with the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, and other big ecommerce platforms to connect with millions of customers across the globe.

In developing markets of Africa, leading ecommerce platform, Jumia is also leading the line to provide a thrilling Black Friday experience to customers on the continent. The platform commenced its 2020 Black Friday sales on the 6th of November, partnering with several big and global brands to provide customers the best possible deals and enable them to save more during the period.  “The Black Friday campaign has been a success year-on-year, hence the reason we’re hosting it for the 8th time. We know customers are always on the lookout for the best deals and as such, there will be a significant increase in inventory across all product categories, flash sales on top SKUs. So It is also an avenue to give back to consumers by offering them amazing and cost-saving deals,” said Jumia Nigeria CEO, Massimiliano Spalazzi.

Jumia has also partnered with thousands of sellers and brands on its platform to offer consumers a wide assortment of products ranging from groceries, electronics, home items; and special deals. Added to these are incentives on purchases. One of such is the opportunity for customers to get cheap or free delivery from brands and manufacturers partnering with Jumia for the sales period. Brands such as Unilever, Samsung, Absolute, Nivea and P&G are offering free and faster shipping.

Others eligible for free shipping include products from Coca cola, Reckitt Benkiser hygiene products, Nestle seasoning and beverage products, gadget products by Umidigi, and Apple.

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Customers can also shop Jumia Express to benefit from the free delivery offer from these Jumia partners. Jumia Express offers faster delivery within 24 hours of placing orders. As part of the Black Friday deals, Jumia is giving Prime Plus subscribers the opportunity to save more even after the sales period.

Likewise, existing and new subscribers to the plan will enjoy up to 20% off on a 3 months package and free delivery on all local items and Jumia food orders. Customers can also leverage the Pick-up station option on the checkout page to pay cheaper delivery fees and also stand a chance of winning shopping vouchers.

With all the twists and turns of 2020, customers sure deserve an exciting end to this unique year. For those still interested in getting that choice of high-earned gadget and home appliances, the Black Friday shopping window is an ample opportunity for exciting purchases and deals. Ecommerce makes it easier and  Jumia is just a click away.

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