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Eze Chikamnayo
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Eze Chikamnayo: The Archetypal Chichidodo, By Okechukwu Ukpabi

The more things change, the more they stay the same, the French writer, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, wrote in 1849. It is, therefore, not...

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Mr President You Are Suffocating The Poor By Izuchukwu Ahuchaogu

It is now longer naysaying that no one is safe from bad government policies, including its cheerleaders.      The effects of a...

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On Olori Omoba Ijebu Title; Let KWAM 1 Breath!!!

I read with so much amazement and dismay on the outrage on social media on Friday the 30th of June when King Wasiu...

Solar Energy
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Transitioning to Solar Energy By Ewere Okah  

“The horse and carriage era did not end because we ran out of horses, it ended because horse transportation was disrupted by a...

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Is Lt. Gen (retd.) Buratai a Power Monger?

If you’ve been following the media trajectory from the days of Tinubu’s campaigns, you would had stumbled across headlines like: “Buratai drums up...

Dangote Refinery
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Expectation About Dangote Refinery Inauguration are Extremely Exaggerated

The ceremony around the planned visit by the Nigerian President to the Dangote Refinery on May 22, 2023, will peak with a cutting...