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“Celebrities Panic When I Invite Them On My Show” – Media Personality Chude Jideonwo



Chude Jideonwo, a media personality in Nigeria, has revealed that celebrities often panic when he invites them to appear on his show, With Chude.

The statement was made in response to a tweet from a man named Wale, who said he had refused to sit down with Chude due to the media personality’s ability to get all of his hidden secrets out.

Chude acknowledged Wale’s observation and said that he used to wonder why some celebrities and potential guests would be so excited about the show, texting, calling, and rushing to him at airports to say well done, and then suddenly panicking when they were invited for the show. He said that the guests who eventually come on the show are the brave ones, and he fully appreciates them for it.

Chude explained that the reason why he becomes such great friends with many of the people who come on the show and unburden is that they share a sacred space in that moment and after. He added that the feedback they and the guests receive from the audience who feel seen, heard, understood, and blessed by their stories always make it worth it.

According to Chude, the guests who reveal on the show give his core audience a gift that says, “You’re not alone, nothing human is alien to me, we’re all in this together,” and ultimately, it is also a gift to themselves. He said that it makes them feel more deeply connected to all of us.

Chude urged celebrities to stop running away and come on the show. He said, “Let’s do this grand dance of inspiration and connection. Let’s be human, together.”

With Chude is a talk show that features in-depth interviews with guests from various fields, including politics, business, entertainment, and more. The show aims to inspire, empower, and connect people through the power of storytelling.

Chude is the co-founder of RED, a media company that inspires and empowers young Africans through its media platforms. He is also a lawyer, journalist, and award-winning author. He has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential young Africans by Africa Youth Awards and as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

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