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Don’t Miss Out on These Epic Blockbusters, Exclusively on GOtv!


From busting hidden crime syndicates in The international to a messy family affair in Deliver us from Eva, this week promises an intriguing line up. Follow the intriguing journey of the Transformers or the daring IMF in Mission Impossible  as they tackle what may be their last mission.

With GOtv, your weekly watch list is packed with must-see blockbusters you simply can’t miss.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

If you’ve been a fan of the Mission Impossible franchise,  then this movie is a must watch for you. The Impossible Mission Fund gets disbanded and the CIA is on the hunt for Ethan as  he and his team have limited time to prove the existence of the Syndicate, a highly-skilled terror and deadly organisation. Will this impossible mission be the last ride for Ethan and his team or will the odds stack up in their favour ? Find out 17:00 thursday 21st September on Universal studio ,GOtv CH 54

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In the mood for a well produced musical? Sparkle is the peak of music and acting combined. In the late 60s, a trio of sisters, who happened to be Whitney Houston’s daughters grew popular as a Motown girl group with their singing and lofty dreams.

But their rising success and fame threatens their close bond as love, drugs and betrayal get involved. Sparkles will be aired  at 6:35 pm Friday 22nd September MMet Movie 4 on GOtv CH 50

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

The Transformers war  reignites two years after Sam and his Autobot friends saved the earth. Sam leaves the Autobots to lead a normal life as a college student. However when an ancient Decepticon known as The Fallen rises up to have his vengeance, Sam and his girlfriend, Mikaela, must figure out the history of the Transformers on Earth and find a way to take down The Fallen forever.

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Will Sam survive his new enemy or will the human race live in fear forever? Catch The revenge of the Fallen 5:00 PM Friday 22nd September on Universal Studio, GOtv CH 54

Deliver Us From Eva

Overbearing Big sister, Eva becomes a pain in the neck for her sister’s spouses as she always interferes in their family affairs. With Eva in charge of the Trust fund left behind by their parents, the husbands came up with a plan to set her up with Jay the local playboy to distract her from her meddling ways.

Jay and Eva fall in love and the plan seems to work, or does it?

This family has a messy future ahead of them and you can catch them live by 6:45 pm Saturday 23rd September on MNet Movies GOtv CH 50

The International

The Force meets the Law in this crime movie as Interpol agent, Louis Salinger and New York Prosecutor, Naomi team up to take down a powerful bank known to be behind the funding of high profiled terrorist activities in the city and around the world. The Duo find that their lives are in danger and must do all they can to escape those who have everything to lose if the take down is a success.

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Catch The International at 8:05 pm Sunday 24th on Movie room GOtv CH 51

Download MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to reconnect. You can also upgrade to GOtv Supa+ to access over 80 channels including Super Sports English Premier League, Super Sports Select 3, Studio Universal, Disney Channel, Universal TV, and more.

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