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Errand360 Secure Pre-seed Funds




We recently secured pre-seed funding and we are pleased to announce that the pre-seed funding will be used to acquire infrastructures, expand, and grow its business across the whole of Africa. 

According to our CEO, Adetola Adele the Team Lead, he stated that the purpose of establishing #Errand360 is to be the biggest Eco-Friendly delivery company in Africa that will provide very affordable delivery services while ensuring the sustainability of a virile and clean environment.

Starting with the use of bicycles, we plan to introduce other eco-friendly means of delivery for more efficient services.

This mission to establish a sustainable delivery system is being validated by Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe of Tekedia Capital and Chairman, Board of Directors Errand360 Tech Services who syndicated the whole fund for Errand360.

Prof Ekekwe in his own words said, “Errand360 is building one of the most important infrastructures in the last mile logistics categories in Africa in a sustainable way.

By using bicycles to deliver goods, I saw a vision structured to protect our environment even when providing critical services in the economy.

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This is an amazing playbook, run by brilliant young people. And with that, the whole fundraising process happened within two weeks”.

Errand360 is led by Adetola Adele, CEO, David Ayodeji Jaiyeola, CIO, and Kolade Akosile, Head of Business Operations.

Errand360 Technology Services was launched in March 2021.


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