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Exposed: Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile, Allegedly The Brain Behind Cutie Juls Blog

Exposed: Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile, Allegedly The Brain Behind Cutie Juls Blog
Exposed: Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile, Allegedly The Brain Behind Cutie Juls Blog
Even in Nigeria’s Gossip industry there are standards. For years prominent gossip mags, columns, instagram handles and other mediums have exploited our inner thirst for salacious gossip of the rich, powerful and influential. After-all wouldn’t we want to live those lives?
Yes, we all know much of the news is fake these days. However maliciously crafting the story and adding images or hints at little truths which makes the purveyors feel a part of the life they secretly envy. Or, perhaps for others, a sense of satisfaction when a celebrity is seen to be suffering normal everyday problems we all encounter. It makes one eerily feel human — and connected.
Yet, in the far dark corners of the scummiest gossip ragblogs we have the likes of Cutie Juls. Started in 2017, this Nigerian fake news gossip channel has electrified its naive audience with one garbage story after another. So it is no surprise they have set a fresh record for stooping to new lows.
Attacking kids!
Who’s behind Cutie Juls?
Since 2017 Cutie Juls’ owner and contributors have remained anonymous for fear of backlash of their fake news. After all, where is the fun in being discredited yourself and losing face when attacking some of Nigeria’s biggest names?
Thecommentng recently took upon it myself to find out who was behind Cutie Juls since they happily exploit children, and we found the following:
Exposed Cutie Juls Profile:
“Deite Adeite” one of the primary players behind child exploitation in Cutie Juls
Full Profile
Real Name: Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile
Ronnie Oyesile
Aderonke Adejoju
Deite Adeite
Fake Facebook Profile Name: Deite Adeite
Nationality: Nigerian
Residence: Essex, UK
Mobile Numbers: +44(0)7507554734, +44(0)7459786563
Receives payments with:
Bank: GT Bank UK
Account Name: Aderonke Adejoju (ahem.. fake names on bank accounts are illegal)
Account Number: 0170637094
Company and address
Defect Soluitions Limited
20 Mariskals, Basildon, England, SS13 3EH
Yes Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile, us lifestyle magazines also know how to investigate.
So, Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile, you self-proclaimed software expert in Essex. How do you feel about attacking families now that your name is in the open? Does some personal humanity return at all? How about humility and respect?
No? Let’s look what your facebook shows.
Does the no-kid exploitation policy apply to Cutie Juls? Pictured: her 4 kids
What does daddy think of exploiting children in the media? Are they really his children?
Disgusting Cutie Juls says screw the No-Kids Policy
Since 2014 tabloids from around the world adopted a trend. Never bring the kids into it. Why? Kids have no part in their parents’ daily decisions. They can also be physically attacked or harmed as a result of sensationalism around their name. Here in Nigeria, it brings unwanted attention to an innocent bystander at great risk.
As mothers, fathers, family members and friends, we must protect our children first. When will such exploitation of children in the Nigerian media become punishable?
While we will report Aderonke-Adeola Oyesile to Nigerian and UK authorities and GT Bank UK, only our voice of protest can shun such acts against our children and family.
Maybe Cutie Juls and their gossip hags will have Visas revoked? Perhaps an arrest? Who knows. But life always brings the bill for misdeeds…
For now, you can show your protest. Let Cutie Juls know how you feel.
Whatsapp & iMessage: +44(0)7507554734, +44(0)7459786563

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