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GOtv: Bridge between Entertainment and Culture Preservation





In the age of globalisation, there is an inherent risk of cultural dilution, misrepresentation, and possibly extinction. But in this era, the Nigerian entertainment and culture projection is on an upward trajectory. Afrobeats is now a global phenomenon. Nollywood and the Nigerian fashion industry are attracting global attention and investment like never before, and our talents gaining global recognition.




This new evolution is not from the blue. It is a result of years of deliberate focus on promoting indigenous content: movies, shows, programmes that project traditions and narratives that might otherwise be overshadowed by the global mainstream.




The broadcast media, especially the Digital Terrestrial Television platforms, have been major contributors to this development. Key in this regard is GOtv, which is the market leader. With an array of dedicated local content channels, GOtv broadcasts shows, events, movies and other content that project the diverse culture and heritage of Nigerian communities directly into millions of homes.




“I think it is important for us to know that even the Nigerian audience has been revolutionised. A platform like Africa Magic has reconnected us to who we are. It permitted us to be all that we can be as Africans, embracing our stories, history and heritage, and it is on these legs that we can go to the world and stand tall. In an era of globalisation, unless you know and express who you are uniquely in this world, you are very likely to be irrelevant,” said ace movie producer, Femi Odugnemi.


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Africa Magic currently has seven channels (AM Showcase, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, AM Epic, Family and AM Urban). The channels are dedicated to indigenous stories that tell unique African stories that reflect the everyday lives of African communities. Six of these channels are available on GOtv, which makes the platform a catalyst for preserving and evolving the rich cultural heritage of communities.




In celebration of Africa Magic’s 20th anniversary, MultiChoice announced that the platform had produced over 35,000 hours of indigenous content. Rich collection of Africa Magic originals such as Battleground, Ajoche, Riona, Irora Iya, Enakhe, Hotel Majestic, among others, have graced GOtv channels over the years.




According to Caroline Oghuma, Executive Head, Corporate Affairs, MultiChoice (West Africa), GOtv celebrates and promotes the rich culture, customs and traditions of Nigeria and Africa with its reach and affordability. “GOtv is a digital fusion of high-quality entertainment and affordability. At MultiChoice, we invest heavily in local content, by commissioning and licensing stories that project the culture and heritage of Africa, in line with global production standards. These stories convey our rich values, beliefs and traditions, while providing top-notch entertainment to the audience. And we make the rich array of content available to lower-income customers in rural and urban communities, via the GOtv platform,” Oghuma said.

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Beyond the realms of fiction, reality TV shows and music programmes air constantly across GOtv channels. Nigeria’s music industry has become a global force, and GOtv ensures that this phenomenon is not confined to exclusive spaces. Through music channels that spotlight both established and emerging artists, GOtv celebrates the richness that emanates from every corner of the country. From Afrobeat to highlife, viewers experience the heartbeat of Nigeria through their screens.




Speaking further, Oghuma said the company is taking customer experience on GOtv a notch higher with the newly launched live stream app. “GOtv Stream reshapes the content consumption pattern of GOtv customers by offering real-time access to their favourite content. The introduction of GOtv Stream underscores our commitment to delivering top-quality service, powered by innovation and technology to our customers.




“GOtv Stream also enables a personal viewing experience and connection, as it grants users the flexibility to create up to four profile accounts, download preferred content for offline viewing, create a watchlist and control content suggestions on the app,” she added.

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GOtv’s impact is not confined to urban centers. It extends to the farthest corners of Nigeria. In rural communities, GOtv is a window to the broader world of Nigerian culture, which affords families to gather around their screens, and share moments that resonate with their personal experiences.




GOtv services are currently accessible in 46 cities across 25 states of the country. By matching reach, top-quality indigenous content with affordability for customers, GOtv continues to be a vehicle of culture transmission and preservation in Nigeria and by extension, Africa.