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Handmaidens : Calling Sex Food is Indecent And Barbaric -Siju Iluyomade



Siju Iluyomade

As the conversation on Marriage and Adultery continues under the Handmaiden platform of Dr Siju Iluyomade inside the main auditorium of Redeem Christian Church of God, City of David, Victoria Island. The topic has continued to generate huge public interest due to the sensitive nature, especially as it concerns both gender directly and defines the society at large.



The topic which has also surged the interest of the men folk programme in the Ministry led by Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, reverberated some participant relating sex to food, hence, women should not be seen depriving their husband anytime unless there is a very genuine reason. Though Pastor ID elaborated that, calling food is merely a figurative speech and very symbolic in that nature, But on Wednesday 14th of July 2021, Pastor Siju disagreed in totality that “it is indecent and barbaric to call sex food”



Speaking further on it, the convener of Handmaiden, a platform used to inform, encourage and empower women in the society, Dr Siju said “ Men should desist to call sex food, our men must take along their wife in their sex drive. Adultery is a curse for pain, every action we took in this regard either takes us farther or closer to God if we resist the temptation”


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She said “love is greater that sex, marriage is a place of peace, we must pray to have that peace”. According to her, a stolen water is sweet but the end is death.