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His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse Install Chief Oma Eyewuoma, as the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom



Ogiame Atuwatse

On this day, Itsekiri sons and daughters from all walks of life and corners of the realm converged on the Aghofen at the instance of a general assembly summoned by His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR. The occasion being the installation of Chief Oma Eyewuoma, as the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom.


Preceding the epoch event, His Majesty had in what can be likened to a homily, spoken to his subjects on several matters that had previously served as a limitation to the unity and growth of the kingdom. In his speech, His Majesty offered forgiveness to erring subjects, stating that he remains father to all. On one hand, forgiveness and reconciliation are virtues they have the potential of making us stronger as a people and as a kingdom. Balanced with a sense of true humility, understanding that often times in life, the way upwards may first begin downwards.

Ogiame Atuwatse Ogiame Atuwatse Ogiame Atuwatse

To the immediate right of His Majesty was Ayiri Emami, who had been invited for his chieftaincy revalidation. Before the assembly, beads and sword that symbolically confer chieftaincy authority were submitted as the first part of the process after which a title once held by his late father Chief Akonu Emami was offered to Ayiri Emami, an offer he respectfully declined with the assembly as witness.


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