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“I was diagnosed with a deadly condition”, Doyin Okupe recounts on 71st birthday



Former presidential aide and ex-D.G of Obi-datti presidential campaign council, Doyin Okupe is celebrating his 71st birthday. 

Okupe in his brief life story, revealed that his living up to his current age is a surprise to him as he was born with sinus bradycardia, a disease that slows the functioning of the heart.

He tweeted: “Today, I am 71years old. 

I testify to the Glory of God that I am a living miracle of JEHOVAH GOD. 

I was born with Sinus Bradycardia, a congenital slowing of the heart. I was never able to play most childhood sports because I will lose consciousness.

In those days all seers predicted that I will have to pray hard to live long. And when I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate at 56, I believed it was over.

When I was a little over 60 during the GEJ’s regime, my Sinus Bradycardia became unexpectedly problematic.

My pulse rate came down to 32 beats per minute. This can barely sustain life. I went to my altar at home, wept and prayed. With no drugs, no procedures, but only with the mercy of God it stopped!

Yes, it stopped for a whole of 5 months till the end of that administration when I went to the US to have a corrective surgery.

Nigerians may not know this, I have never lobbied for any post in my entire existence.

I came back from UK and went to see Baba OBJ in Abuja and he said I am offering you this position. That was it. 

I was the 1st and only one given appointment on the 29th of May 1999.

I was in my house in lagos in July 2012 when I got a call from the SGF; Pius Ayim that President GEJ wants to give me a post in government but they don’t know what name to call it. 

I personally gave a suggestion after his description. 2 days later, I joined the administration.

I wanted to run for President, later stopped the project and declared my support for Peter Obi. He was in far away Morocco. When he came back he called, we had lunch at Southern Sun in ikoyi and he asked me to come and run his campaign. 

That’s how I became DG campaign.

I am on my knees & pray that my family, friends, associates & well wishers spare 2 mins to thank this Great, Merciful & Loving God who through the Grace of His son Jesus Christ has shown me all this Kindness, Mercy and Goodness this past 71 yrs. Glory to His holy name.”

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