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Kerr and Luxe Estates launches preopening promo to cut housing deficit



Kerr and Luxe Estates


In a bid to serve humanity better, make life easier for Nigerians and most importantly cut housing deficit, Kerr and Luxe Estate, a leading player in the real estate industry has resolved to actualizing a preopening promo sales of N1,200,000 with 6 months payment plan. 


This enormous opportunity is slated to end on 10th of January, 2024. The estate is presently undergoing development, fencing and gate house.


Kerr and Luxe Limited is a boutique styled world class real estate site and service company with the aim to provide Nigerians affordable plots, making housing a reality by supporting the government in reducing housing deficit and making Nigeria a great nation again which is on the hills of designated government agencies and bodies inability to providing sufficient housing units which are affordable for the poor majority in urban areas.

Kerr and Luxe Estates Kerr and Luxe Estates Kerr and Luxe Estates Kerr and Luxe Estates

According to the CEO/Co-Founder, Tobi Bankole, the proliferation of slums and squatter settlements has been a result of this scenario; a growing concern and narrative we are committed to eradicating.


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He further stated that they are dedicated to building sustainable dreams one individual per time and concluded by emphasizing on their mission which is to making housing affordable through personal services per customer, both locally and globally for anyone at any cadre to buy.


For more enquiries, Call us 07035336618 or email [email protected].


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