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Letter To A Bosom Friend – Yinka Rahman

Yinka Rahman

Your friendship is a treasure, a constant source of support and joy. Your loyalty and understanding make life brighter, and I appreciate the genuine connection we share.


In the tapestry of my life, your friendship stands out as a vibrant thread, weaving moments of laughter, shared dreams, and unwavering support. Your presence is a comforting sanctuary, and the depth of our connection is a testament to the genuine bond we’ve cultivated. Thank you for being not just a friend but a cherished companion on this journey called life.


My dear bosom friend, as we begin a new year 2024, it is pertinent I take you on an educative, informative, instructive and illuminating journey.


No one lives forever and at the same time no one’s ever made it out alive.


Life’s impermanence is the poignant truth that unites us all. It serves as a constant reminder to savor each moment, cherish connections, and leave a meaningful imprint on the tapestry of existence, for in this shared experience, our legacies intertwine with the ebb and flow of time.

Ab today. Xy tomorrow. No champion forever. You could be a landlord today and be a tenant tomorrow, God forbids. Just saying so you know life is not balanced.

Because a particular person hurts you doesn’t mean you should be cruel to everyone. Being nice is religious, but that doesn’t mean you should be stupid. You may stop being nice to those that doesn’t deserve it but keep being nice to others for humanity sake.

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Moreover, In the realm of existence, everyone faces the inevitability of mortality. It’s a universal truth that, while no one endures indefinitely, it also means that each individual leaves a unique mark on the world during their fleeting time. Embracing this reality encourages us to appreciate the present, value relationships, and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing narrative of humanity.


Be careful of those that won’t call you until they need you.


So funny that your real helper won’t stress you. At the same time, Those who are genuinely entitled are often undemanding, while those lacking entitlement to you tend to impose undue expectations and stress.

Regarding women, can I be blamed for my lack of trust? Do they trust themselves? If they do, why the constant use of unnecessary makeup? It seems they lack confidence in their natural beauty, leading them to adopt a different appearance altogether.


As I have always said, When grace finds you, don’t brag about it and don’t look down on others unless you want to give them a lift from the downside to the upside.

Remember to consistently find happiness and pursue what brings you joy. If you’ve been living to satisfy others, it’s time to reconsider your priorities.

Each loss is jolting, yet life persists. Understand that people will continue living in your absence. Prioritize your enjoyment and refrain from the impossible task of trying to please everyone.

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My friend, try to avoid relationships with financially unstable individuals. Remember, focus on impressing a woman who already has genuine love for you, rather than attempting to win over someone by trying to impress them—it’s a futile investment of time.

Do all you can for the sake of humanity cause in the end, you will be left with nothing but a skull and cross bones.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, even this write-up wasn’t composed under 24 hours.

Consistently gauge your genuine welcome in a specific location and moment. Discern when it’s appropriate to depart and when to remain. This is the optimal approach to safeguard your integrity and individuality.

Know where and when to insert and where and when to withdraw. A mistaken single drop may lead to an unwanted generation.

Timing is crucial. If you’re not mentally prepared for a certain phase, resist external pressure or persuasion to avoid exhaustion midway. Consider the concept of “Japa” as a case in point.

Start every year with a Renewed Hope and always associate with friends that need you as much as you need them.

Stay away from jealous people in entirety. If they don’t kill you, they may cripple you.

Always be thankful for good health. Nothing tastes sweeter than it.

Place your trust solely in God, for He is the only omnipresent and eternal force. While humans may falter, God remains steadfast. It’s a fundamental law of nature, so refrain from placing unwavering trust in any individual. Human nature is fallible, and relying solely on people may lead to disappointment.

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Seek not revenge and learn to always let go. Success is the best revenge. Therefore keep pushing for success.

Be yourself always but don’t be a terrible person.

When the whole world turns their back against you, create your own world.

Don’t expect too much from life. Things sometimes don’t work out the way we want.

Mistakes are inevitable; however, it’s crucial not to let them overpower you. Always learn from your mistakes and aim at impeccable future.

Women can be categorized into two types: the queen and the slave. The queen not only treats you like royalty but also nurtures a legacy of kings. Conversely, the slave tends to give reasons to be treated as such—If you position her on a mat, she will inevitably end up rolling onto the floor.


I’m not discouraging you from having close friends, but it’s essential to be aware that no one can be your true bosom friend like yourself. Self-love is unparalleled. With this in mind, this letter is dedicated to no one else but me, as I am my own bosom friend.


Yinka Rahman

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