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Make Sure You Are Wealthy Man Before You Call Women Gold Diggers – TBoss



Former BBNaija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu, better known as TBoss, has berated broke men who refer to women as gold diggers.

Speaking via her Instastory, the light skinned diva advised men who do such to work hard and acquire wealth before branding women gold diggers.

She wrote, “Before you come out and claim that a woman is a gold digger please make sure that you even have the gold for anyone to dig for, to begin with.”

Speaking further, the reality TV star stated that those who mock women and tag them as gold diggers do not have anything apart from their “ridiculous pout” and beauty app that they used to bleach their pictures and post on social media.

The reality star said real men are not like that.

Meanwhile, TBoss has warned mothers on the kind of outfit they put on when they go out with their children.

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The reality TV star advised mothers to put on nice underwear before leaving their homes with kids for an outdoor function.

She explained that you might end up jumping, skipping and raising your dresses while trying to engage your kids.

She went on to state that those who choose not to listen to her should not be surprised if they find some unpleasant pictures of themselves on social media, adding that she would also join other netizens to make fun of them.

She wrote: “As a mother with a toddler, one thing you absolutely must do, if you like don’t comb your hair, have no make up on, don’t brush your teeth, forget your wig, that’s fine. But under NO circumstance should you leave your house without nice underwear on.

“Trust me I know what I’m talking about. These kids would make you run, skip and raise your shirt or dress. If you like go out with tear year pant or no panties at all, Na you sabi. We might see ya yansh on social media and me Sef go follow laugh you cos I don tell you

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