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Man Accuses NICON Trustees Of Using Fake Land Documents To Demolish, Sell His Properties



NICON Trustees


An octogenarian and retired gynaecologist, Dr. Albert Ndulue has accused NICON Trustees Ltd of using fake land documents to take possession of a plot of land he bought at Alma Estate in 1991.


Dr Ndulue told SaharaReporters how he bought the site and obtained all the appropriate documentation from the Lagos State government, including a Certificate of Ownership (CofO) and the Governor’s consent, before beginning construction on the plot of land.


He said trouble started on the land in 2017 when NICON Trustees as Receiver Manager together with one Abah Onah laid claim to his land and put his property up for sale.


He said, “The management of Alma Beach allocated my land and executed all necessary documents thereto. Lagos State government issued me the governor’s consent following my application.


“After obtaining governor’s consent, I submitted a building plan to Lagos Physical Planning and Urban Development Authority which was approved in 2014. I started development on the plot by fencing it round. When I wanted to start the main building, I visited the site and saw a notice on my entrance claiming that my land was subject to an alleged receivership pursuant to an interim order of Justice Austin Obiozor of the Federal High Court Lagos.


“I immediately instructed my lawyer to verify the authenticity of said order. My lawyer confirmed that there was indeed, an order made by the court in SUIT NO: LD/27/67GCMD/2018 and filed a motion seeking to be joined as a party in the suit. The court found that the suit was fraudulent and incompetent and therefore dismissed it for lack of merit,” the octogenarian said.

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He said that NICON Trustees and Onah, who were still relying on the same interim injunction that had already been vacated, invaded his property with thugs and police, vandalising his property and hauling away all valuables and building materials.


While Onah and the NICON Trustees carried the case to another court, he added, they sent a series of petitions to various police stations, which resulted in the arrest of some security guards guarding the premises.


He continued: “Thinking that my ordeal was over, I immediately started building on the land. At about 92% completion of the building.


“My lawyers then informed me that the criminal attempt to sell the house was made while the suit was still pending at the Lagos High Court. I instructed my lawyers to petition the commissioner of police Lagos State who immediately approved the petition and invited Mr Abah Onah and his cohorts.


“Having no defence for the illegal actions, they ran to the Lagos High Court, and filed a frivolous application for enforcement of their fundamental rights. While the fundamental rights suit was pending (which is still pending till date), they continued to encroach on my property, and even claimed to have sold my property to different people, some of whom are Mr Amobi Chukwudi alias money bag, Pastor Ayo Adelaja, Tony Montana, Quartra Architect Limited, and numerous other persons, whose names I do not know.


“They continued to run to different police stations and courts on the same subject, and once my lawyer appears in court or attends to the matter, they will discontinue or abandon the matter.

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“The climax of the issue was when they ran to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, “Special Squad” and filed another petition on the same subject matter making sundry allegations, even though I was far away in the US. My lawyers were made to halt the initial petition in reverence to the court owing to the fundamental right action filed by them against the police and the directive of the DIG of police from Abuja directing parties that all matters concerning the land should be referred to the courts, and the parties must wait until the court finally decides the rightful owner.


“On Monday, the 10th of November, 2023, when I visited my property, I met an entourage of thugs cannibalizing my property that was 92% completed and carting away windows, roofing sheets, electrical materials and other fittings and loading into a standby truck,” he said.


He added that the police refused to officers to protect the buildings and stop the thugs from vandalizing the property.

He noted that the refusal of the police led to the total demolition of the five duplexes.


Reacting, Abah Onah, Receiver Manager, described the octogenarian as a land grabber, adding that Ndulue began to lay claim to the charged assets between 2003 and 2016.


He said, “Dr Albert Ndulue and his co-land grabbers began to lay claim to the charged assets between 2003 and 2016 when their predecessor in title – the debtor company held down the Receivership in litigation for 13 years by court action which was eventually resolved in favour of the Receiver in Appeal No. CA/L/365/2004 in 2016. Dr Albert Ndulue would rather not mention such a landmark judgment because it would puncture his sickening lies.

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“It is important to state here that on 13th November 2017 when the land was handed to me, the Receiver, it was a vacant land without any development thereon. Dr Albert Ndulue in his vile appeal to pity did not tell the public that he and his co-land grabbers challenged the take-over by the Receiver in court and lost the challenge by a Ruling dated 9th January 2018 in Suit No. FHC/ CS/L/1242/2017,” Onah said.

He also claimed that the police are on a man-hunt for Dr Ndulue for using armed thugs to attack the owner of the land.


“Dr Albert Ndulue continued to use imported armed men to attack the assigned owner of the land. This caused the Assignee to go to court against Ndulue and the Receiver. An interim and interlocutory injunction was issued against Dr Albert Ndulue. But because he has no regard for laws, he continued his attacks on the owner.


“With countless allegations and investigative reports on him, the legal department of zone 2 police command concluded to charge him and his lawyer to court. On getting a whiff of this, they began to blackmail the AIG, Zone 2 calling him and everyone names.

“We urge the general public to discountenance his obvious string of lies and cheap blackmail to win sympathy,” Onah added.


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