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Middle Belt Forum reveals ‘only thing’ that can make Nigerians forgive Buhari



The Middle Belt Forum, MBF, has revealed the ‘only thing’ that can make Nigerians forgive President Muhammadu Buhari.

It can be recalled that Buhari apologized to Nigerians in his last Sallah message as President stating that he has forgiven Nigerians who offended him and those whom he may have offended should also forgive him.

Speaking on the matter, the National President of MBF, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, “It is not bad for anyone who has made a mistake to apologise and to seek forgiveness. He has realised that he did not do all he was supposed to do as president and he is begging Nigerians to forgive him.”

“However, the issue is that anyone can come tomorrow, do the same thing and ask for forgiveness and this doesn’t solve our problems. If he wants us to forgive him, let him right the wrongs done by INEC so that we can have the right people in office and have the kind of Nigeria that we are looking for. He should not hand over to crooks but let him ensure that the right person comes into office.

“The nonsense that INEC has done should be reversed, the truth has to be established and there should not be any interference that would make the Supreme Court twist the constitution and twist justice in favour of the highest bidder. If he does that, Nigerians would hail him as the greatest leader.

“Nigerians would only forgive him if he does the right thing. Let him not hand over to Nigeria, problems that would put them in a deeper hole. The presidential election was not conducted properly, he is the one who appointed the INEC chairman, so he should stand his ground and ensure that the right thing is done,” Pogu said.

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