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Mother Kills Five-year-old Son, Cooks, Eats Parts Of His Head


A 29-year-old mother, identified as Hanaa, killed her five-year-old son, Youssef, with a machete at their home in Egypt before boiling and eating parts of his head.

Police arrested Hanaa after Youssef’s uncle found the boy’s body parts in buckets at the family house.

According to the DailyMail on Tuesday, she admitted to the police that she had eaten part of her son’s head because she “wanted him to stay with her together,” adding that she cooked his head and other parts of his flesh on the stove in boiling water before eating them.

Following her arrest, she told police in Faqus, northern Egypt, that she suffered from a mental illness and had no intention of killing her son.

She and her son had been living alone since her divorce from her husband, who insists she was fully aware of what she was doing.

The ex-husband, identified by his initials H.A said, “When I arrived, the police prevented me from seeing my son because of the horrific scene.

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“We separated from each other four years ago because she had landed from her father and asked me to leave the house and my family and go with her to live on the land.

“But I refused, and the relationship ended entirely by her will, and I tried to reconcile with her after the divorce, but she refused and stuck to her opinion.”

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