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Multi-Talented Actress Bukunmi Oluwashina to Premiere New Movie “Traffic in Dubai



Nollywood multi-talented actress Bukunmi Oluwashina to premiere new movie “Traffic” written, produced and directed by herself, she gave an account of the professionalism in her during the production.

Traffic is a story that talks about too many things at a time, most people find conflict arising when they get to the bridge of having to choose between their marriages and their careers. Traffic talks about family, courtship, friendship, love, fame, desperation and a lot. It’s a movie most upcoming artistes should even see, especially those who are desperate to be seen and heard. Traffic has a lot to teach both the young and the old.

According to her, “Traffic is a product of creativity, and maybe with a bit of some experiences I could gather. I actually wrote the script and kept it at home for a while because then I wasn’t mentally and financially ready. Until I had a meeting with some teams including Adekaz production boss. He loved the concept and he bought the idea, he decided to come in as an executive producer, I felt like what else am I waiting for. So we decided to get the funds together and make the magic called TRAFFIC. The movie will be premiered at seven different places in Dubai starting from March 20th to 27th but myself and my crew will jet in by March 16th to enable us have a proper planning ahead.

Part of the premiere will be done inside boats. Well, there was nothing challenging actually when I was directing the film because I spent almost five years studying theatre in school. We leant all the aspects of theatre, directing, acting, writing, costuming, makeup, technical and everything. It’s when we have a year left to graduate that they got to make us major in one part of all.

So my major was on acting. What I’m literarily saying is that, there is no part of movie making I would find myself and won’t be able to handle actually, even lighting. Both the practical and theoretical aspects. Abi wetin person con go carry money and time do for school for years, if person no sabi?? But you know just one person can’t be everything because nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. Just that sometimes as a script writer, we all have our pictures in our heads and once you give it out to a director, it is not good enough to be forcing your pictures on that director. Telling him this is the way he should do it. It’s not right. It would make the director feel less of himself or make you even look like a nag. Stuffs like that do cause quarrel sometimes on set, that the director could even ask the writer since you know you won’t let me do things my way, why did you call me to direct your movie? which is true.

Traffic is set to be premiered in Dubai. It’s a big deal for me because it’s a multi-million naira project that features a lot of fantastic Actors and Artistes and also it’s my debut as a movie director. And I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world.