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My Love For Helping Others Led Me into PR -Micheal Mikkyly Irabor



Micheal Mikkyly Irabor

Meet Micheal Mikkyly Irabor, a skilled Digital Marketer, PR Specialist and Media Consultant with over 7 years of experience. In this interview, he shares with us how his journey as a digital specualist started and what currently drives him.


A brief introduction about yourself

Lets start with my name. Haha,. My name is Micheal Mikkyly Irabor, a mass communication graduate from the Lagos State Polytechnic , Lagos, Nigeria. I am Edo by tribe and the 4th child of my parents. I am the yellow dude behind Kinggs Media Concept


You tend to be into a lot of things, could you give us a quick rundown

It is sometimes tiring, telling people what I do and the services I render. Because it often sounds too much to be true, so what I do most times is show people and have them see for themselves. But for the purpose of this interview, I will state a couple. Lol. Micheal Mikkyly Irabor, is a Digital marketer, Blogger and PR specialist. Other services I render includes, Social Media Marketing and management, content creation and curation, damage control, SEO/SEM, website/App creation offline and online publicity for cooperate and private organizations, Data Analytics. To top the list, I am a digital marketing coach.


What led you into PR , how long have you been practicing?

My love for helping people led me into PR. In 2011 I rounded off my national Diploma and moved down to Lagos for my Industrial Training [IT] in a media house in Lagos. I was opportuned to have been Identified as a staff of the brand, whenever I attended events. And each time I attended an event, I was always reached out to by people who had talent, mostly entertainers who wanted to be famous but didn’t have the resource to give themselves the necessary push they needed. They usually reach out to me to feature them on the platform where I was interning. I often made attempts but I was always shutdown as no one was ready to do free publicity for an unknown person whose face or influence couldn’t help them sell their magazines. This really broke my heart, I remember often reaching out to my senior colleagues at the media house, Mr Gbenga Shaba of now OmoNaija blog and Mr Desmond Ike China now of eNigeria Newspaper at that time were also just staff at the media house where I work and they would tell me there was nothing they could do because they didn’t own the media house where we worked. Long story short, I decided to kick off my own platform, just to give upcoming acts a platform to shine. I did kick off and I was able to give a lot of upcoming acts a good platform to shine. The urge to keep helping people kept burning in me, so I decided to give PR a shot and so far, I have been able to create and execute several successful campaigns for known celebrities and politician and ofcourse upcoming individuals at very affordable cost. At the end of each PR campaign I have carried out, comes with so much sweetness than I can explain. Orgasm doesn’t even come close to the sweetness I feel after a successful PR campaign.

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Let us talk about your social media marketing specialty, what birthed that?

A couple of bitter experiences birthed my Digital Marketing skills. The first is my leg. In 2014 I developed a hip issue which requires surgery, I needed about 7 million to get the surgery done but couldn’t come up with the money needed. Fat forward to 2016 the hip issue got worse and I couldn’t stand nor walk, I gave crowd funding a shot but no one pulled through for me and I could not raise up to 100k from the 7 million naira needed for the surgery, so I was stock on my bed for months, bedridden and gradually fell into depression. All I had to comfort myself was my phone and as God will have it, a digital marketing ad popped up on my phone on one of those sad days. I took interest in it and tried to enroll, only to discover the course cost $999. Lol. Me that did not have up to 2k in my account. Obviously I couldn’t afford that so I decided to scout online for possible ways to learn it for free. It took my a while but I was able to learn on my own, with God’s direction. I stumbled on really helpful materials online and boom.. I started practicing till I figured it out and started making money from it, then left depression.



How do you manage all these services

It can be very demanding but what keeps me going is the saying ‘you are only as good as your last job’ I often do not want to disappoint my clients so I tend to push myself to make sure their jobs are properly done. And on other days when the demand is really high, I outsource to my team members, who strongly share my ideology of excellence.


Tell us about Kinggs Media

Kinggs Media Concept, is a digital marketing and PR firm with goal of giving the best digital marketing and PR services at the best prices possible.It has been In existence since 2013 but only started making stronger moves and success in 2017.

Micheal Mikkyly Irabor

What are you currently working on

I am working on a couple of projects but I am only at liberty to mention one, which is my Digital Marketing Coaching.I will keep you informed as soon as the rest are completed and ready for the public. Lol.

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Whats your strongest philosophy of life?

Worrying is a waste of time and energy. It wont make life better for you nor stop whats meant to be, so be thankful for what you already have and keep bettering yourself.


What are your aspirations

Not so much, I just want to be the best PR specialist the world will live to remember and a responsible and reliable husband and father.


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