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Oduduwa University Takes Legal Action Against Defamation by Online TV Operators



Oduduwa University

Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, has taken decisive legal action against the operators of an online television platform, woTV, following allegations of false publications that have cast a shadow over the institution’s reputation. Nelson Godwin and Adigun Sobowale, the individuals behind woTV, are facing detention at Ikoyi Prison for engaging in actions deemed against media ethics and constituting cybercrime.




The allegations against woTV are weighty, ranging from malicious fabrication and criminal defamation to cyberbullying against both the university and its management. The online and television platforms associated with woTV have allegedly been used to disseminate false and slanderous information that aims to tarnish the institution’s legacy and the credibility of its founders.




Oduduwa University’s management has been steadfast in their pursuit of justice. They have submitted the names of eight bloggers responsible for various damaging publications to the Inspector General of Police. These publications were aired on woTV’s illegal television stations, which are not registered with the National Broadcasting Commission.


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The impact of these allegations on the university’s reputation cannot be understated. The institution, known for its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and cultural preservation, has been embroiled in a battle to protect its integrity. The university’s steadfast response underscores its dedication to upholding ethical standards and maintaining its well-earned standing in the academic community.




Authorities have acted swiftly, apprehending Nelson Godwin and Adigun Sobowale on charges that include defamation of character, false publication, blackmail, and breach of peace under the criminal code. The accused are scheduled to appear in court on December 4, 2023.




As the legal proceedings unfold, Oduduwa University’s case against woTV’s operators serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical media practices in the digital age. It highlights the profound impact that baseless and damaging information can have on institutions that play a vital role in shaping society’s future.

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The university’s determination to seek justice and protect its reputation from the claws of misinformation underscores the significance of accountability in media and communication. It is a reminder that, in the era of widespread information dissemination, responsible reporting and adherence to ethical guidelines are paramount to preserving the sanctity of institutions and their contributions to society. Click the link below to see the video:



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