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Organisers of Africa-Canada Investment Summit Announces New Date 



Africa-Canada Investment Summit

In a bid to ensure proper preparation with logistics and planning, organisers of the Africa-Canada Investment Summit have announced a new date the summit will hold. According to the organisers, the summit will now hold on the 23rd of July till the 5th of August 2022. The change in date was made known via a communique to journalists and the general public by the convener and head honcho of Hope ForSureFoundation, Ms. Peju Naomi Sigismund.


Ms Naomi disclosed that; Due to the array of high-profile guests and speakers we are expecting all over the world, we needed to make sure everyone is fully ready. The change in date will avail us the opportunity to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. “Some of our attendees and speakers who have had one engagement or the other on the previous date have rounded up. So they are now fully ready to attend. We have also used the change in date to secure travel visas for those attending from African soil as well. The change in date is to ensure that preparation is in top gear so we can have a top-notch event and summit. Nothing has changed in the event lineup. The arrival will start from the 23rd of July while the main event commences on the 25th.”


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“All that we planned still remains. To all those who have booked their tickets for the previous date, we are sorry for the inconvenience; we will surely make it up to you all. The change is to enable us to host you better and make the event a memorable one.” She added.


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