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Osasu Edobor’s HERfessions Mobile App Is Helping Women Flee Abusive Relationships Easily



Osasu Edobor is one of the women on the frontlines advocating for victims of Domestic Violence, and using her voice and resources where it matters.

She is a social development expert with over twelve years’ experience as a gender advocate infusing new media and technology to propagate gender inclusion. She is the Curator of HERFESSIONS mobile app, an anonymous online platform for survivors of sexual violence to access resources, group support, information and ultimately a community to work-out the journey to recovery.

She recently launched the APP in a bid to save more women from abusive relationships, considering the incessant cases of violence ad spousal murder.

According to Osasu; “The HERfessions mobile app is a great resource for women and girls available on playstore. It is an anonymous platform to receive support and find help to deal with all forms of sexual violence, available on playstore now. I thought that by providing an online platform of engagement, It will minimize the physical movement, help build a community for much needed support, and encourage women to leave such abusive relationships.

Speaking on the present state of emergency on Gender Based Violence, the passionate activist has this to say; “ We have a long way to go in first domesticating the laws that will protect women and girls across the country, and a longer road to change the narrative and culture of impunity towards women. Whilst some states have done extensive work, there is need to ensure the advocacy done is implemented through laws institutionalization and enforcement.

As a Country, we need to begin to engage all facets of endeavor to change the narrative attached with to rape, domestic violence or sexual violence in general. Sexual Violence is perpetuated in any environment where there is power. We must ensure we have systems that can check power, be it at the office, church, mosque, market, home, school, or community. We must engage the media (with special reference to Africa Magic) to tell better stories, tell corrective stories that can shape a culture of zero tolerance to Gender Based Violence”.

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You can download the HERfessions App here;

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