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Our Vision, Mission For D’CEM Awards -Debby Goodnews Silas



D’CEM Awards

For many years, D’CEM Awards has been honouring top personalities, corporate organizations and those who are exceptional in their chosen field.


The award has no doubt been recognized as one of the top humanitarian awards aimed at celebrating and honouring individuals, organizations and government parastatals who have been using their respective fields and means to correct social ills.


According to the CEO and publisher of Debby Classique magazine, Debby Goodnews Silas who also double as the prime-mover of D’CEM Awards is aim at celebrating and honouring humanitarians and philanthropist saying “The main purpose and reasons for creating this unique awards and event is to recognize, honour and celebrate individuals who have been effortlessly committed to utilizing their skills and resources to promote their culture, heritage, community, and society at large.”

D’CEM Awards

She also said ” It is also an avenue to recognize individuals and corporate organizations who have been using their respective fields and means to correct social ills and encourage a better and healthier lifestyle for others.”


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“These great individuals and veterans, in my view, are achievers who have touched lives in their different endeavors. I refer to them as kings and Queens, and celebrating them has therefore become essentially necessary, given how they immerse themselves in the acts of entertainment, education, leadership, employments, social networking, humanitarian and philanthropic inclined activities.” She said,
She further disclosed that, D’CEM Awards ceremony is geared at celebrating excellence, tenacity, integrity, resilience, humanitarian and philanthropist who are not usually recognized for their activities and achievements.

Debby Goodnews believes that when someone is recognized and celebrated for a job Weldon, it motivates that person to do more, and it will also encourage and influence the society to imitate these individuals for good.


Aside from recognizing personalities, another thing about Debby Goodnews is that she uses her platform to recognize a few couples whose marriage promotes family union considering the high rates of divorce and domestic violence in our societies today. She believes that it is a good thing to encourage and celebrate successful couples for a healthy marriage life.

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D’CEM Awards celebrate and honor humanitarians, philanthropist personalities, those in the entertainments, arts, movies, who have touched, influenced the community and society positively through their past engagements or present engagement. They are role models and deserving of all appraisals. D’CEM AWARDS is dedicated to keep celebrating great kings and Queens year after year.


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