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Pastors and War Against God’s Assignment, by Apostle Suleman



Apostle Suleman

The founder and senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide; Apostle Johnson Suleman, has encouraged persons with internal drive towards a vision or destination not to be dispirited by antics of the devil.


Suleman, whose 51st birthday celebration comes up on Thursday 24th of March, 2022, advised true Christians with divine missions not to quit but continue to be change agents irrespective of plots by evil-minded people.


The teaching by the ‘The Restoration Apostle’, as Suleman is fondly addressed, hints at the fact that all spiritual leaders do face attack, both spiritual and physical, but the devil especially loves to bring down men with visions and missions.


“Not only are you attacked from within, but you are constantly being bombarded from the outside because the devil is seeking to destroy you through your sense of sight, thus you must valiantly face the challenges, however formidable, in order to live out your faith,” he opined.


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His words; “The biggest promise God gave to Abraham was to address the biggest challenge in his life. The value of a star is in its shining. The interest of God in a man’s life is what arouses the interest of the devil. The more prophetic word on a man’s life, the more battles he will experience,” the cleric stated, adding that “the devil is not really angry at man, but he is angry at the assignment God has sent him, and anytime the devil attacks an individual, it’s to question what God has said about the individual.”


While urging spiritual leaders not to be weary, Apostle Suleman reminded them that the key to a prevailing church or nation is having the right spirit in place, warning that Hell has unleashed a coordinated assault against spiritual leaders and, therefore, men of God should protect themselves with the shield of prayer if they truly are desirous of making disciples of all nations as directed by God.

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“I believe there is an all-out assault from the enemy against spiritual leaders.  It is no secret that we live with continual pressure. The harvest fields we work in are booby-trapped with spiritual and emotional landmines hidden there by the enemy. If you’re a child of the living King, don’t ever believe for a second that the enemy hasn’t planned your demise. The devil will do everything he can to bring every believer down. That’s his goal, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish it. But by resisting the devil and standing firm in the faith, submitting to God and coming under His authority, by God’s power, the devil shall be defeated,” Suleman declared in one of his 2019 lecture videos.