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Phyna Cries Out As Best Friend Bella Unfollows Her On Instagram




Josephina ‘ Phyna ‘ Otabor, the winner of Big Brother Naija 2022, recently took to her Twitter account to express her sadness after discovering that her best friend, Bella Okagbue, had unfollowed her on Instagram.

Phyna clarified in her tweet that she would never publicly or privately troll Bella, and she was disappointed by the sudden change in their online friendship.

The reason behind Bella’s unfollowing seems to be related to a recent incident involving Phyna and her fans.

Bella and her boyfriend, Sheggz, reportedly criticized Phyna, and Phyna’s fans sent evidence of the bashing to her. Despite the incident, Phyna mentioned in her tweet that her friendship with Bella and the couple was still intact.

A quick check on Instagram confirms that Phyna is still following Bella, but Bella is no longer following Phyna back. Phyna expressed her frustration that people were using her relationship with Bella to attack her, and she stated that she is done with any toxicity associated with reality TV shows. She called on people to stop coming at her with insults.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Phyna also emphasized that she does not need a man to go about her business or stand by her. She further apologized to Bella if she had ever wronged her in any way and expressed her regret for the situation.

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Phyna wrote; “I have been on my cool since, myself, Bella and sheggz are really cool friends how dare you come to my dm sending me pictures of Bella and sheggz insulting me with it Bla bla bla, I’m forever a one man squad, I don’t need a man to do me, you people should leave me alone please #mindingmybusiness

@bella_okagbue I will and never troll you, And at this point I’m done with bbn toxicity, I will disassociate myself from all, so please you all should never come for me or anything related to bbn, the only ones that sees me as friend y’all have rained, I’m sorry Bella if you feel I trolled you never will I.”

As of now, there has been no public response from Bella or Sheggz regarding the unfollowing incident. Fans of both Phyna and Bella are eagerly waiting to see how the situation unfolds and hope for a resolution between the two friends.

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