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Phynpellnana Debut With New Single, UNSEEN




Nigerian entertainment industry is about to witness another new sound from a new wonder kid, Phynpellnana.


Agunbiade Olamiposi Adisa who is popularly known as Phynpellnana is a graduate of federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta, he studied Banking and finance.


His passion for music and knowledge of sound brings about the music for the soul titled, UNSEEN.


The song is to inspire listeners to find their inner strength and never give up on their aspirations.





Iku pa agbini, Agbini ti ku

Iku pa Agbirin, Agbirin re orun

Afi eni obo o ba bi ni Iku o le pa.



Verse 1

Walking into the dark 

Dark was so bright

Bright was so light

Light become so dark

This is so confusing

I think I’m so lost

Lost in my imagination 

Oh no, not again

Somebody save me 

I think I need deliverance

Please call me a doctor

That will give me injection 

Oh it’s just a dream

It’s almost become real


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Enough enough enough

I don’t want to listen 

To you anymore 

You are unseen *2we



Verse 2

How can I address you

Should I say he or she

You are just messing with me

You are only messing with my head

Are you that attracted to me

Oh cut the crap

I’m tired of you

Can you just let me be

It’s possible am depressed 

I’m coming out alive

I’m growing stronger than you

Bigger than you 

Better than the best

I’m free from you 




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