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Power of Prayer as Apostle Suleman Raises Boy from Dead in Benin City

Apostle Suleman

Few days ago, another shocking testimony of God’s healing power was made in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Popular servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, prayed life into the unconscious body of a five years old boy.




Judging from the two-day ‘Mighty Turnaround’ crusade, the manifestation inspired believers. Normally, when a person has been declared dead for half an hour, doctors give up. But, according to the Scriptures, that was just when Jeremiah was called to pray. Jeremiah prayed and the lifeless man’s heart began to beat and he came back from the dead. That was the lot of the lucky boy, whose life Apostle Suleman spoke to and revived.




So, how did he make that happen? ‘It is the power of prayer,” the ‘Restoration Apostle’ enthused in his sermon. He continued; “It’s really as simple as that. And we have a testimony that the miraculous experience is having great effects on believers, it has raised people’s faith levels.”


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Sources from the Benin City crusade said that the experience really raised people’s expectations “because they saw God move”.




According to Apostle Suleman in one of his recorded prayer services, “the power of prayer seeking God’s intervention in human’s affairs was seen most dramatically when God raised Christ from the dead. The resurrection was something the earliest followers of Jesus experienced as a real, historical event. This shows that the very power that raised Jesus from the dead is still available to us and we get it when we ask God in prayer. We ask Him and He helps us with power that exceeds our comprehension and expectations.”




The Benin experience was not Apostle Suleman’s first, but it has continued to stay on the front burner, given the surge of testimonies that followed the service.


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