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Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre Redefines Health Industry

Quincy Wellness

For the past 26years, Quincy Herbals has been at the forefront of effective, safe and people-centred in all-natural slimming and natural skin care products and services.

And as the company continued to evolve and improve on their services, one of their major concerns was how African traditional medicine will be integrated into the healthcare system.


This however became a reality after World Health Organization and Lagos state government integrated traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practice into the healthcare delivery system to achieve Universal Health Coverage.

Quincy Wellness

Meanwhile, for a medical centre like Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, the renewed interest in medical integration is not surprising while for some health care centres in the country, it’s difficult to adapt into the new system.


Penultimate Thursday, 19th of January, 2022 to be precise, Mrs Tobi Ayodele Keeney, the Managing Director of Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre who for the past five years has been repackaging Quincy brands shared the company success stories in the last one year.


According to her, “As we all know that, we started Quincy as far back as 1996 and to the glory of God, we are going on 26 years now. And over the years, just like a country will evolve, a child will grow and a nation will improve, we realized that most of our patience that were for weight loss and skill care also came in with a lot of medical problems.”


“And weight loss is just for fashion and to look sexy whenever they are stepping out but over time, obesity has become a decease in Nigeria. And obesity come with other ailments. So, we just notice that, over 10years of studies that 80percent of our weight loss clients had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, infertility, some even had cancer and some with immune condition and joint pain. With all these aforementioned conditions, we had to refer them back to the hospital to correct those condition before coming back for their weight loss treatment. On the long run, we now noticed that, it is either the patience got worst or stay at it. But most of it get worst. Prior to that, we started recommending a lab to run the test and ask them to bring the result back after all I’m also a certified doctor and I can handle some of these things.”

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“Also, since we know that, we have poor maintenance culture of our body system, we asked ourselves, how could we bridge the gap? We need to evolve back into full practice not just concentrating on weight loss because now it looks like weight loss is just part of the problem. And as early as 1999 World Health Organizarion (WHO) has already said that Africa healthcare should be integrated with traditional medicine and 80percent of Africans, I’m sure Nigeria will be about 98percent employ traditional medicine as their primary mode of treatment. Yet if you go into the medical field, they will say herbs are bad, don’t use it, and the herbal practitioners will also condemn western medicine, so there is a gap. And the World Health Organization realized this and proposed a bill that there should be an integration of traditional medicine and practices into our regular healthcare system. Not saying they should change the healthcare system but they should integrate. For instance, if you go to a Chinese hospital, you will see the traditional healthcare practitioner and the western one and they have the highest life span in the world.”

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“Lagos State has also passed a bill that said we should integrate which is what they have been saying at the World health Organization for over 20years. And coming back to Quincy, we realized we’ve been integrating for the past 26years without even knowing because we would not stop the medication but we rather change the lifestyle supplementing with the herbs and the person can slowly win up the medication and they now have an understanding of how to live well and they are fine.”


“So, I’m pleased to announced that Quincy Wellness is not just an herbal home but an integrating medical centre. I don’t know of any in Nigeria but we have been doing it for over 25years. This is our first year since we started pure integration and we have proved to show that it works especially for chronic deceases”


On what makes Quincy Wellness stand out among other medical centres, she said “We’re registered under HEFAMAA and under the federal ministry of health traditional board. Our bedside manner, we take each client as if that’s the only person we are seeing for that day. And it helps us in history. We don’t believe in the rush to see you and go. We are a preventative healthcare centre. We believed in prevention. We practice don’t fall sick before you come here. And we believed in you taking ownership of your healthcare, so our bedside manner is awesome. We make sure that each patience is treated with utmost care and attention. Rapid diagnosis and digitalization, we have a fully functional well-equipped laboratory.”

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Buttressing her points, she said “In my own view, I think western medicine should be the alternative while traditional medicine should be the major because if you eat healthy, drink your water and you are taking your supplement and your herbs and you now still develop diabetes, then that’s when you need western medicine. But guest what, if that was so 80percent of people will not have diabetes because our forefathers did not have diabetes because they didn’t have access to all the junk we are eating now. And they were active and physically fit. Maybe out of 1million, one person has diabetes and they don’t usually have lifestyle illnesses because their lifestyle was balanced.”


“And western medicine does not have solution for chronic diseases, we need integration. There is no cure in western medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure, and once you start taking medicine, you have to start taking it for life. But with integration one can reduce the number of drugs or probably eliminate it.” She concluded.


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