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Siju Iluyomade Receives Covid-19 Booster Vaccine, Urges More Support For Government To Curb Virus



Siju Iluyomade

The Convener of one of the most supportive Nonprofits organisations in Nigeria, Dr Siju Iluyomade of Arise Women has called on groups, individual and well meaning Nigerians who have the wherewithal to come together and render more support to the government at every level to curb the spread of Coronavirus which has ravaged the world for almost two years.



Dr Siju who made this clarion call while she was receiving her Covid-19 Booster Vaccine against the Virus urged for more support for the government just like Arise Women has been doing since the breakdown of the deadly Virus in Nigeria early last year. ” Arise has been on the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus supporting the tremendous effort Lagos State Government has been deploying to tackle it”


Siju Iluyomade Siju Iluyomade

While speaking further, Dr Iluyomade said ” Arise Women has been distributing lots of items, equipment to different designated treatment Centre of Lagos State government and we have also open a Arise Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic where vaccines are been administered”


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The delectable Lawyer of over three decades however plead for more support to government especially as different variant keep coming out , hence, the support of everyone will still be needed by the authority.