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The Fall of C&S Church of Zion, Ugbonla Headquarters, Ilaje LGA, Ondo State



As the saying goes, there is nothing new under heaven. The storm raging in the C&S Church of Zion, Ugbonla Headquarters may seem to others as a phenomenon but Bible scholars will tell you that according to King Solomon who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER HEAVEN.


The Church in Question, which has branches across the world and the Founder, The Most Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi, are synonymous to the Nation of Israel and Eli, the Judge, Prophet and High Priest of the Nation of Isreal after the order of Aaron.



Eli provided exceptional leadership for Isreal but soon after, while he was alive, his sons began to offer STRANGE SACRIFICES on the Alter of Jehovah, the God of Israel, embezzle the offerings of the Synagogue and worse still desecrate the temple by having sexual intercourse with women who came to offer sacrifices right inside the temple.



The prophetic voice of Eli was destroyed by God forever because of the Sons of Eli who actually were the Sons of Belzebub.

No other example could describe the crisis that has engulfed the C&S Church of Zion, Ugbonla Headquarters where the various Church leaders have demanded that the sons of the Founder, Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi be excommunicated from the leadership of the Church.


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Before the Board of Trustees and the Leadership of the Church discovered the criminal and serial Jail records of the sons of the founder, the bone of contention had been the incessant serial complaints of drug abuse, defilement of women and financial recklessness against Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi, the first son of the Patriarch, who took over the Mantle of Church Leadership from his father.



The Board of Trustees and Elders claim that they are inundated by countless reports of sexual assaults and reports from married men as well claiming severally that Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi slept with their wives.



This is aside complaints against Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi and other sons of The Most Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi for having sex with minors and young ladies who come to the Church for religious activities.



It is unheard of, but still not new Under the Sun, that young cult boys in Ugbonla ferry Indian Hemp to and from Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi whose penchant for Hard Drugs is common knowledge in Ilaje Land.

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At the moment, the Board of Trustees and Elders of the Church, and now members of the Church all over the world are boiling that they cannot stomach the continued shame brought to the memory of The Most Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi by his children, and have demanded that these sons of Eli including Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi be investigated by the Government of Ondo State, tried for all offences hitherto and excommunicated from Church Leadership.



The Church is still in turmoil and wondering how an Ex-Convict who served over 10 years in various prisons for various criminal offences had become their spiritual head, so called. Now, the shameful son is breeding a colossus of young persons as Drug merchants who have flooded Ugbonla with Hard Drugs and made the once quiet community a nodal community for trafficking of Drugs accross the Waterways of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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No human being who lived on earth and now late was ever disgraced in his lifetime and now after his death as The Most Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi because when Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi was confronted recently about the revelations of his life of crime and serial Jail Terms by Church Elders and Church members he said he served the Jail Terms for his father, knowing full well that nobody can question the dead and the dead, even a Saint, cannot defend himself. A man who could lie against his own father to cover his shame is a Son of Belzebub, and such a person can lie against anyone else spontaneously.



What a shameful son to have succeeded the great left behind by this Holy man of God who lived a life of Piety, Humility, Holiness and Revival.


*Akinwale Omoboriowo Akintelure writes from Akure*

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