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Uche Ogbodo Laments About Odd Cravings Days After Sharing Pregnancy Photo



Pregnant Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo has taken to social media to lament about her daily cravings.

Recall that the actress announced the news of her pregnancy on some days ago on Instagram after sharing photos that showed her baby bump and a positive pregnancy test strip.

Following her pregnancy, Uche, in a new post, shared on her page the kind of food she has to eat for breakfast due to pregnancy cravings.

She added that this was the first time she is experiencing huge cravings for food during pregnancy.

The actress is pregnant with her third child.

She wrote on her page, “I now eat things I would hardly ever eat at odd hours of the day! How can this mighty mountain be someone’s breakfast?

“I just woke up, I didn’t even wake my Oga, because he is not a morning person. I just dressed up and drove all the way to Lekki for Afang Soup & Poundo! Haaaa! The restaurant people just dey look me with Dangerous side-eye.

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“I’m driving back home now sha after enjoying it. This is my 3rd Baby Cravings is something else. ooo. So different from my last 2. Make I no go Crave human meat one-day oooo (God abeg oooo)”

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