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Uncommon Healings: Apostle Suleman Restores Lifeless Stroke Victim, Man with Blocked Intestines

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In believing, we put our faith to work and get the results that we so earnestly desire, even in expectation of healing. This claim best describes the fate of two gentlemen in video clips released by the Omega Fire Ministries, who believed for a miracle in their health and got it through, Apostle Suleman even while in the throes of death.


A middle-aged man from Asaba in Delta State, in one of the videos, had visited OFM to appreciate Jesus for what God did for him during the ‘Open Heaven’ crusade in October 2019. Before he attended the Asaba programme, for twelve months, he disclosed that every part of his body was paralyzed; hands, mouth and legs were twisted. According to him, although he received healing through the servant of God who is the General Overseer of OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleman, he was not aware such a crusade was being held in his city because he had passed out a few days before then. “It was neighbours that intimated my wife about the crusade and told her to bring me to the crusade ground for prayer.” He said he was ferried to the crusade practically dead.


While the crusade was in progress, Apostle Suleman had mentioned a certain man who was paralyzed and close to dying. He also prayed for him but he didn’t come out, according to him. So, his family carried him back home that day in that condition. But when he got back home, he said: “I was in my room when great light from heaven illuminated around me. As soon as this happened, all my hands, mouth, legs that were twisted began to straighten. Every part of my body that had no life started to experience life. Speaking about the man’s fate, Apostle Suleman said what happened to him both before he visited the crusade and when he got healing is an uncommon occurrence. “He was dead. Some of these things happening are not common. This man was dead. He was carried to the crusade as a corpse and the Lord brought him back to life. Asking for evidence of this type of event is understandable. But never say it can’t happen.


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There was also the healing of another young man named Stephen Ayeni, who suffered intestinal obstruction and was also carried to the crusade with a tube fixed through his nose to the stomach. On Sunday, November 1st 2020, during ‘The Prophetic’ programme, Stephen met God. Giving his testimony before the congregation at the next Sunday programme, he said he had a dream after the pipe had been removed; in the dream: “I went on a stroll at the hospital at about 3 o’clock in the morning. Getting near a well, the tube fell into the well and a hook was used to pull it out. As I turned to leave, a catfish suddenly appeared and held onto my toe. I freed my toe from it and broke the fish into two pieces. To my surprise, the fish became whole again and held back on to my toe. I broke it up again and it formed again and held onto my toe. Then I shouted “Go, in Jesus name”. As I did this, the catfish formed into a woman.” Apostle Suleman confirmed that his attack was from the marine kingdom.


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Dr. Udoka Imoisili, the Chief Medical Director of the General Hospital, Auchi, Edo State, was later invited to confirm the pre-healing case of Stephen. Giving her testimony, Mrs. Imoisili said Stephen was brought to the hospital with ‘complete intestinal obstruction’; his bowel could not transfer stool due to a blockage. She said food came in but could not digest and the ones that were digested could not come out of the bowel. Soon, Imoisili explained further, the bowel began to swell due to extensive exhaustion and getting to perforate. Our team of doctors was ready to take him to the theatre for operation but we discovered that it was dangerous at that point to go to theatre. We had to pass the tube to reduce the swelling and whatever content that was in it. We were waiting for a time when it would be convenient because if we had taken him to the theatre at that point, he wouldn’t have come out alive.”


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Describing her state of shock, Dr. Imoisili said she and her doctors attending to Stephen were startled beyond reaction as Stephen was brought back to the hospital after visiting the church programme and oozing from his intestines were found dried up and his condition healed. Reacting, the ‘Oracle of God’, Suleman said: No matter the disease or debilitating condition, none is impossible with God to transform. Believing His words would make a difference in any man’s life and condition. God is gracious and kind, and His power extends to all who would believe.”

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