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Unraveling the secret process of ITG’s dominance in Home Cinema



Home Cinema

The Infinite Technology Global (ITG)is a name reckoned with. They are the top segment leadera and influencer in home cinema’s , automation and recording studio construction.



ITG’s latest project is named the Icon Cinema. It was created for one of Nigeria’s top business leaders and social icon.



The main objective was entertaining family and friends. Looking at the results it evident that they succeeded.



The Process After meeting with the client to incorporate his design and ideas, the engineering began. The finished product had to be bold and stunning.




ITG used computer-aided analysis to create an acoustical model thereby identifying potential trouble spots within the venue. Then, numerous acoustic panels were erected to correct the space through balancing its reflectivity, diffusion, and absorption parameters.




The astounding immersive sound is created by multiple JBL commercial speakers arrayed in a Dolby Atmos configuration. This is the same technology trusted in major cinemas around the

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world for accuracy and dynamic sound reproduction. ITG utilized a massive 154-inch 4k cinema screen in conjunction with a custom Ultra High-definition Laser projector flown in from Berkeley California.


This combination creates breathtakingly life-like images with amazing detail. This homeowner can control every aspect of his system from a single press of the automated touch screen integrated by ITG.

Home Cinema


All the amplifiers, sound processors and automation components are tastefully incorporated into custom-built cabinetry that blends seamlessly into the décor of the cinema.



The second level contains a custom crafted concession area with overflow seating and additional purpose-built cabinetry. ITG arranged the lighting in multiple zones to allow various lighting scenes.



Finally, an elegant night sky, adorned with a vast number of pulsating fiber optic elements, completes the visual ambience.


For more information, contact ITG at

+234 701 296 6661 (Nigeria) +1 704 814 7730 (United States)

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