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Why I Can’t Say My Real Mind When It Comes To Nigerian Politics – Davido



Popular Nigerian singer, Davido has said that he has chosen to remain neutral in Nigeria’s politics because of the great influence he has on his fans.

According to the Omo Baba Olowo crooner, he has been bashed in the past for speaking his mind.

He explained that if he should speak people who were initially not thinking the same way would align with him because they are his fans.

He noted that fans want celebrities to comment on politics because they want them to amplify public views.

He said, “The reason why I feel like they want people [celebrities] to speak is that they feel like we are publicists. First of all, they want to know our opinions.

“Think about it, you are talking on Twitter, you’re a regular person you’re tweeting about politics. You’ve 1000 followers. If you tweet anything, what damage is it going to cost?

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“But if I go and say my real mind, people that are not even thinking the same as me since they are fans will align with me. And I’ve spoken in the past about politics in Nigeria and I got bashed for it.”

Speaking further, Davido explained that he got involved in politics simply because of his uncle, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State.

“What made me first get into it [politics], my uncle who is a governor now, he had an election in 2018, he won that election and they changed it. After four years, we came back and we won. The margin was so much this time. So, it was from then that I started involving myself in Nigerian politics,” he added.

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