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Why Some People May Not Be Liked By Others – TBoss




Reality TV star, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has shared her thoughts on why some people may not be liked by others.

In a recent post on her social media page, TBoss noted that sometimes, people may not like others, not because of something they may have done wrong or what they may have said, but simply because they cannot understand why certain blessings come their way.

According to TBoss, people may question why God chooses to bless certain individuals in spite of their shortcomings, why good things always seem to happen to them, and why they seem to rise above all the negativity thrown their way.

In her post, TBoss urged those who find themselves in this situation to not take it personally and to realize that it has nothing to do with them. She encouraged them to focus on being the best they can be and to leave those who do not understand their blessings to take it up with a higher authority – God.

“Sometimes the reason why someone doesn’t like you actually ain’t got Nothing to do with something you might have said or done? They simply cannot understand Why You? Why does God choose to Bless you in-spite of All your shortcomings? WHY does it just go Good for you just because? HOW is it that they’re sending you all these Negativity and yet You Rise? Well, like I said- It’s got Absolutely Nothing to do with you and they should take it up with the Higher Authority. God. Okayyy? Now go out there and be the Best that you can be”.

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