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Eid El Fitri : Makinde urges Muslims not to return to vices



Gov. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has urged Muslim faithful to hold on to all the good deeds imbibed during the Ramadan, and not go back to vices abandoned during the 30-day fast.

Makinde gave the advice on Monday when speaking with newsmen on his Eid El Fitri message to Muslim faithful.

He said the virtues of love, tolerance, humility, honesty and the spirit of sharing exhibited throughout the Ramadan period should be sustained.

“Let the good deeds continue, but shun all those bad things abandoned during Ramadan,” he said.

The governor urged Muslims all over the world to focus more on eradicating poverty in the society by sharing.

He said that if those with affluence and wealth could engage in sharing, the rate of poverty in Nigeria and the world would reduce.

“All the holy books have taught us that when we make others happy, the tendency that we will be happy is very high.

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“Those who are poor today were not just destined to be poor and same goes for those that are rich. It is just a matter of opportunity.

“So, if I am opportuned to be rich, my goal should be to create means of making others rich and make the circle go round like that.

“The concept of being our brother’s keeper means that we make those around us happy and we should use this period of Eid il Fitr to reach out to the less privileged in the society and make them happy.

“Our government has assured all citizens of Oyo State of a change in their standard of living for good.

“Leadership is about compassion, It is about care and our administration’s roadmap will focus primarily on that.

“Let us all teach our children to share love and compassion, especially to those that are not as affluent as we are, and God in His infinite mercy will multiply our blessings,” he said.