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I’m the Godman of this Age – Satguru Maharaj Ji



Satguru Maharaj Ji is known for his signs and wonders. Many times, his religious belief has been question by people who feels his level of operation and doctrine is beyond human imagination. And to clear this doubt, the living perfect master as he is fondly refers to by his follower have been telling those who care to listen that they should not refer to him as a clergy man but the savior of the universe. He made this assertion few days ago when he celebrated his 32nd year anniversary of the highest spiritual centre of the universe ‘Maharaj Ji Village’ which is called The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In his word, he said “Satguru Maharaj Ji is not a clergy man, not the living perfect master for the One Love Family, neither am I the savior for Nigeria and Africa but the Living perfect Master of the entire Universe, ‘The Saviour of the Universe’.

According to him, a clergy man is somebody who has read and become indoctrinated with some ideas, philosophies and concepts from the books concerning person(s) or group telling tales of events that happened in the past in which he/she cannot substantiate beyond what was said. And as we act as an intermediary between the creator and the create, therefore they are programmed to promoted rites and rituals that have conveniently box ideas and concepts that bind one into believing trusting and calling on an unknown God at all time.

Buttressing his point, he said “In the real sense of things, we live in a practical world of what you see, touch and feel. You will agree with me that you don’t need to read any book to feel the warmth of The Sun. Likewise you don’t need to pray to your father to give you that which you desire, you simply request from him. Man is the temple of the creator.”

He also revealed that, The Living Perfect Master reveals The Light just like God within man “Yes, to free the person from darkness into light and from ignorance to the knowledge of the secret power that controls the universe enabling the recipient the power to live beyond human destruction and expectation. Therefore, Satguru Maharaj Ji as the one who reveals The Light can subsequently be called ‘The Godman of this Age; somebody who has the power and capacity to save you from the hand of demons, poverty and all vicissitudes of life.”

It will also interest you to know that, since the manifestation of The Light in our midst in July 17, 1980, he has said to all and sundry “Call me anywhere you are and I will answer you”. Talk to me silently from your heart and I will do the listening”.

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This is a feat according to him too great to achieve for the pop, archbishop of Canterbury, Chief Imam of Mecca in various Holy places where people frequent hoping to have that celestial experience but, rather, corruption, anarchy, despotism, racism, drug abuse, untimely deaths, wars, integrity crises, have become rampant and the order of the day.

Meanwhile, Satguru Maharaj Ji advised men of God to come out and clear the air telling the people the true and original name of the creator which is MUA-RA-JI. He however alleged the Euro/Arab elites of disconnecting the Holy name from any local African content; the Holy name was addressed as MAHARAJ JI. They did not stop there, th holy and divine essence was removed from the original scrolls of the Bible and replace with God, Tettragamaton, Elohim, Yahweh, by the European Aristocrats I their sacrilegious meeting in Constantinople in AD 21 and Illegally ratified it in AD 60 and that was the beginning of human suffering according Satguru.


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