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Wale Tinubu’s Passion 



Wale Tinubu
Wale Tinubu, Group Chief Executive, Oando  Group, does not claim to be “a man of God”, who must be seen to be winning souls into the vineyard of God.
Indeed, the dark-complexioned lawyer and oil guru has never professed to be a preacher  whose companion is the holy book with which he sermonizes either.
Yet, his lifestyle is inspired by the teachings in the holy Quran as exemplified by Prophet Mohammed ( SAW).
Besides, as a bibliophile, he has read a volume of memoirs of great individuals in history, who who lived exemplary lifestyles.
So also, in his peregrinations, he has encountered many whose lives have impacted humanity greatly albeit quietly.
Therefore, one of the enduring lessons he has learnt in life , having imbued copious Quranic verses and learning from his heroes, is that “ when you help the needy, leave your camera at home.”
Perhaps, this explains why he has been very supportive of the hoi polloi in the society; he gives without making a noise about it.
In particular, since the beginning of the ongoing Ramadan fast, he is said to have been giving out foodstuff as well as money to the Muslim faithful around him in line with his religious dictates. This we gathered he does every year.
To him giving is a passion and he does it effortlessly.
Though he expends millions of Naira annually on this humanitarian gestures, he never blinks an eyelid.

By virtue of his rare accomplishments, the billionaire is one of the few businessmen who have written their names in gold.The string of industry awards that litter his ornate office is evident of his success story in the sector. So far, it can be said that Providence has been fair to him, especially when you consider his intimidating resume, international connection and riches.

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He has scored many firsts in the pasts and he still continues in that  trends in fact he was born a leader.  Naturally, he has been placed far above his contemporaries and competitors.

Undoubtedly, today the Lagos State born oil mogul  is one of the few Nigeria’s businessmen that can rub shoulders with other top businessmen around the globe as he commands respect in the world business sector. He has succeeded in engraving his name in the hearts of the generality of his compatriots.

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